We provide specialised services to our customers in both vessels’ supply chain management and logistics services.

Our core competencies fall mainly in handling and coordinating of all administrative, logistics, warehousing, ship supplies, agency services, freight forwarding and procedural requirements.

We have a team of experienced personnel whom are highly professional and ready to provide the following services & sales to you.

We are well versed with all functional procedures and practices implemented and governed by MPA and Immigration Department. Armed with our years of invaluable experiences in this industry, our valued customers can be assured of that their vessels will have a smooth turn-around with a peace of mind.

We will undertake the following responsibilities upon vessel calling in the ports:

  • Immigration and Port Clearance.
  • Crew related matters.
  • Arrange for ship repair or docking.
  • Arrange pilotage and tug boat services.
  • Arrange and attend to ship safety and class survey.
  • Arrange for fresh water, bunkers, lubrication oil, and vessels’ store supplies.

*Above details only a portion of our services available, please contact us for complete listing
of services. 

With our diverse and reliable network of contacts, we are able to handle crew-change smoothly for our Vessel Owner and Vessel Management, be it in port or outside port limit.

Immigration formalities, transportation and hotel accommodation (if necessary) will be arranged for all crews to sign-on or sign-off to/from vessel till they repatriate safely from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong & even China.

Armed with an operation team that is highly professional and experienced in handling vessels calling in the ports of Singapore and China as well as trained to work proactively in the best interest of our customers and maintain our tradition of rendering top-notch quality customer service.

We have been serving our esteemed clients from various countries such as India, China, Norway, Germany, United Kingdom, Greece, Switzerland, France, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and etc. Currently, we are handling a fleet of vessels owned by our invaluable clients respectively from around the world.

In the People Republic of China, we are pleased to announce that LZOC has corporate a representative office in Shanghai, in both marine supply and logistics in the ports of China such as Jiangyin, Shanghai, Nantong, Dalian, Qingdao, Ningbo, Zhoushan, Lanshan, Rizhao, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dalian, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Nantong and Tianjin. Our China operations have grown significantly since we started since 2007.

In Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia, we also provide marine supplies, provisions and logistics for our customers calling in all these ports through our subsidiaries over the years of cooperation.

In an age of globalization, where business operations are no longer confined geographically, we are poised to meet the ever-evolving needs of customers at both local and global levels.

We strive in unison to deliver the hallmarks of quality service: speed, convenience and cost-effectiveness.

For years, we have been in good cooperation with major shipyards in North, Middle & South of China.